Celso de Lemos

Celso de Lemos’ luxurious home linens
afrom the green heart of Portugal, for 40 years

Traveling around the world we select the most exquisite cotton, silk, and linen.
Celso de Lemos continues on an endless quest of possibilities and perfection.
Merging the knowledge of the past with the latest new techniques, we create the best thread.
The thread that connects the past with the future.
The thread that connects us

Featuring the finest natural fibers,
the most meticulous craftsmanship, lush shades of color, and sublime jacquards,
the Celso de Lemos collection is inspired by the wonders of nature, the splendor surrounding us.

Portugal is the centerpiece of this beautiful textile production. Our weaving masters have a very rich experience with the production from bobbin to fantastic fabrics.

Celso de Lemos can make any wish come true and sets the standard for ‘Haute Couture’ in bed linens.
To protect the wisdom of these exclusive textile experts and traders, only they can serve our customers with ready-made advice and information. Just like his mother, Georgina, Celso de Lemos bought and processed the best fabrics to serve his customers.